I need help guys

do i have to finish a course first before going to another one .
i want to switch to python tutorial. i need help guys

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It’s up to you. If you want to learn Python instead of the technology that FCC teaches, then you should switch.

how do i do that pls

Just stop going to freecodecamp.org and follow whatever Python curriculum you’ve chosen?

You need to find a python tutorial yourself, FreeCodeCamp doesn’t have python in its curriculum

i guess as much, because i have gone round… yet couldn’t see

so which python tutorial can u refer me to…
am also looking for when i can download some python videos

I can’t refer you, but if you check the #python subforum here there are a few topics with long lists of python sources

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aiite thanks
guess i will try that subforum

For my personal, I’ll choose finish one course first.

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You must decide what is more important for you.

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python it is dear :v::v::v::v: