I need help! I am having a problem process of Build a Tribute Page

Hi, I am new to FCC. I am trying to build a tribute page with out using css except body{ margin-top 60px: }, as you can see my codepen, the text in the list and quote are sticking out of the box. I tried fixed it but I could not fix. Does anyone know how to fix them?

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Add this to your CSS (or better assign a class and add this to that class):

li, p {
  word-wrap: break-word;

Thank you for reply! I want to try just use only html with bootstrap because the instructor was using just html and bootstrap and I was wondering how he did that. Thank you!

“Instructor” doesn’t have such long words in his example, so he didn’t have to break the words.

And Bootstrap is CSS only hidden behind a little bit of “magic”.

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