I need help in making height the same to the viewport


I am stuck, I am building my portfolio page, I passed every other things but making height the same as viewport.

Here is the link to the portfolio: https://codepen.io/malikolabiyi/pen/vMPmqZ

Anxiously waiting for your reply.


I have small issue with the technical documentation project also.

I am told to making navbar float left and fixed. I did it using float:left, but I didn’t pass the challenge, so I forked the code made by FFC, and I noticed they made use of position:absolute, probably that’s the reason?

Or am I making mistake?

Here is the link to the code: https://codepen.io/malikolabiyi/pen/zXbYyz

Thanks in advance!

Give your #welcome-section height of 100vh. Make sure to remove paddings off of it because it will capture them.

Your technical documentation is passing all the tests on my computer.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Shim!

Do you like my projects? No errors? I mean are they cool, well designed at least (not a designer).

What next?

I have learnt HTML and CSS from FreeCodeCamp, codecamdemy, MDN (read all the content about HTML and CSS), Watched all popular YouTube videos especially about complex topics like CSS Flexbox, Grid.

Should I go from JavaScript now?

Though, I don’t know much about CSS animation. I only know the @keyframe stuff.

What will you advise?

I think I have known even more than the basics of HTML and CSS, because I am not a Front end developer. Just want to make something cool with Python, and then use it (python) for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, let’s say engineering.

If you want to get into ML and AI, I would start with computer science fundamentals and algorithms. There are lots of good free resources online that are offered online via colleges. Start with that and research from there :slight_smile:

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So I should go for the basics of JavaScript that will be useful for HTML and CSS, I mean jQuery and others.

You didn’t made mention of my projects, either cool or not?

And also, it is not that I won’t go through development stuff; I want to make a software that will provide some bucks for me… So HTML/CSS/JavaScript or Python frameworks Django for front end and I can use Python for back end.

Learning python should be good for now; so I will have some experience and knowledge about it.

I am planning to study AI, ML (computer science) and others in University. I will surely go through it online before University.

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I do like your projects. Looks like you have a pretty good sense of designs! Web dev has definitely lower barrier of entry.

You could also make transition from web dev to AI and ML eventually.

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Thanks a lot shimp!

I am so grateful!