I need help! javascript algorithms not loading

This page wont load, and I really need help or alternative ways of opening this page to continue my lesson.

The previous pages in basic java script was working fine, but this isnt loading, i tried command+alt+r thinking it was an internet issue, but that wasn’t the case. Does anyone have any solutions? Because I really need this finish this certification.

Welcome, there.

As there is nothing specific we are aware wrong on freeCodeCamp’s end, I suggest trying one or more of following:

  1. Using a different browser
  2. Trying a different network (perhaps even try a VPN/different VPN)
  3. Clear your DNS cache (search how to do this on your device: for Windows 10, ipconfig /flushdns)
  4. When opening up the lesson which does not work, open up your browser devtools to:
  • Look at the console for errors
  • Look at the network tab for failed requests

Otherwise, keep in mind that you do not need to complete the lessons to get the certificates - just submit the 5 projects at the end.

Hope this helps

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