I need help - product landing page

I am trying to add an h2 tag to my html but it does not appear in my page when I try to type anything in it.
what am I doing wrong?


Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

It’s there. It’s under your header but it’s there.

Sometimes it’s best to do the layout of the page first and then start styling.

You could also add the following universal selector at the top of the CSS editor to see how you have your elements laid out.

* {
  border: solid 1px red;

Thank you so much! How can I make it appear though? since it’s under the header

Since I see your h2 header is now showing I’m going to say your question is moot.
Keep working on getting those user stories to pass. (It may help to do as many user stories as you can prior to doing any styling)

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