I need help scraping 2 tables from a website using R Studio :)

Hey Guys :slight_smile:

I’m new to webscraping, and am trying to scrape some AFL match statistics. I’ve had some success copying codes off of guides with other websites, but I’m really struggling to produce a code that can scrape two tables on the below website:


I’m trying to scrape the ‘Carlton Match Statistics’ and ‘Richmond Match Statistics’ tables.

Is anyone able to assist here (I’ve posted the code I’m using below, and the errors I’m receiving)?

Thanks in advance for your help it is much appreciated! :slight_smile:


SiteHTML ← read_html(“AFL Match Statistics : Carlton defeated by Richmond at MCG Round 1 Thursday, 21st March 2019”)

siteTables ← SiteHTML %>% html_nodes(“table”) %>% html_table(fill = TRUE)

Error in out[j + k, ] : subscript out of bounds

Table1 ← data.frame(siteTables[[1]])

Error in data.frame(siteTables[[1]]) : object ‘siteTables’ not found

Table2 ← data.frame(siteTables[[2]])

Error in data.frame(siteTables[[2]]) : object ‘siteTables’ not found

Welcome, there.

Firstly, remember to read any website’s terms of service, before scraping their data: AFL Statistics by FootyWire : Australian Rules Football League Stats

Secondly, you appear to have forgotten to include the code.

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