I need help shifting a container to the end

Please i want to move the nav with id of secondHalf (the red border) to the extreme right and i want the logo text, the nav with id of firstHalf to remain side by side. i have tried justify-content: space-between; but that only add spaces between all the element. i have tried specifying a margin for secondHalf but it does not look good when i resize the screen. what can i do ?

See if something here helps:


@lekan ,

Create a 2 <div> tag, the 1st <div> tag includes logo text and nav with id of firts-half and the 2nd <div>.

In CSS property, under header section give

display : flex
justify-content: space-between

Hope you want to display something like this :

If you haven’t been able to do it yet, try this:

#secondHalf {
margin-left: auto;

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