I need help someone help me please URGENT

it does not let me go to the next challenge unless i give a donation
can someone help me
and how to save the challenges so next time when i come its still there and i do not need to do it twice

You don’t have to pay to continue the curriculum anywhere in freeCodeCamp. Promise! Can you tell us what challenge you’re on so we can better help you?

Also, if you’re logged into freeCodeCamp, your progress is saved every time you complete a challenge and move onto the next. :+1:

All you have to do is click the button to open the tab. Then the “Finish challenge” button will activate. If you don’t want to even do that, you can go to freecodecamp.org/map and just jump to the next challenge.

Before clicking “Open link in new tab”

After clicking “Open link in new tab”