I need help the function "display: flex"

Hi everyone,
I have trouble with elements that I assigned display: flex command. I guess I don’t use it for the right item. I’m trying to do all descriptions is side by side with icons like in the free code camp’s product landing page example. Even I have tried it for all id and classes in section ‘Features.’ I couldn’t find where I am doing wrong. If you give me any suggestions about it, I would be so thankful.
this is my codepen link: https://codepen.io/totoromorin/pen/yLNpeJY?editors=1100

Hello there,

I do not see a single CSS selector targeting list, icon, or desc. So, how do you expect them to be styled?

Sorry, I forgot to save the last changes before copy the link. Now, I have added the last edits.

I guess I have reached the solution, but I can’t explain how it works. I’ve just changed some CSS selectors’ places. I moved .list and .container selectors after body and it worked unexpectedly. Normally, I used them after #Features function.
Thank you for your time!

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