I need help to answer this question

we would like to understand a few things about your approach to code, projects, and the way you build them.

We’ll be giving you a Figma link with a UI that needs to be implemented using Kotlin along with the functionalities mentioned in the Figma Link.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Link to the GitHub Repository
  • Link to the APK File of the app
  • Link to your personal website / resume [Send us the URL, do not attach the PDF file]

Please find the Figma Link below

Once you’re done, revert back to us with the GitHub repository link and the APK file of the app
Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.

Hi @Ngbeken1monday !

I originally unlisted this because I wasn’t sure if you were posting for some sort of job.
But now I realize you just copy and pasted the coding challenge for an upcoming job.

For take home challenges, the employers want to see what you can do on your own.
They realize it won’t be perfect but they want to get a sense of what you can build on your own.

If you have specific question about a line in the directions that you don’t understand, then that is fine.

But if you are not sure how to build this at all and need heavy assistance from the community, then that defeats the purpose of a take home challenge.

Did you have a specific question concerning the coding challenge prompt?

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Thank you I don’t know how to build it that is why I ask the community to assist me to get results

Is this for an upcoming job?

Yes this was sent to me to do and send back to them with 72hrs

Well the first thing you need to do is to map out how you are going to approach adding each of these functionalities.

There are a total of 5 items you need to add.

You might want to start by creating the navbar with the five icons.
Then you will need to research in the kotlin docs, stackoverflow answers, and other articles on how to implement each feature.
Try to focus on one feature at a time and think about the basic functionality for each feature.
Then through smart google searches and docs you will start to find the answers you are looking for.

Remember that the goal of this exercise is to test your problem solving skills and how well you are able to break down a projects into small manageable bits where you can execute.

They are also testing your time management skills.
The first couple of hours should be spent planning and researching.
Then you can spend the next day and half slowly implementing the features.
Then you will need to have time left over for some basic testing and deployment.

Hope that helps!

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As we are chatting I don’t know how to do it you can help me then explain I will continue from there please

What have you researched so far in the first feature of the drawing feature?
When I do a basic google search on how to draw lines and shapes in kotlin I get tons of articles, and videos.

That is the type of research you will need to do.
Figure out what the basic functionality is for each feature and then start with basic google searches.
Then start to write code and play around with the results.

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See I can’t do it but I Kno u understand it well you can assist me please

Start by reading through the docs for android drawable since the prompt says you can use that.
Then you can read through articles and stackoverflow answers for further assistance.

I think once you read through those materials it will start to make more sense on how to implement these features.
Then start by implementing the first drawing feature.

Your first 24 hours will be spent in heavy research and building out most of the basic prototype.
Then the next 48 hours will be spent cleaning things up and testing everything out.

Good luck! :grinning:

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U try for the explanation but I do know how to do it u can start it for me and send the link to me thanks

Sorry, but no.
My main language is javascript not kotlin.

But even if it was kotlin, I would still approach it by reading the docs and articles I found on google to implement each feature.

Through my basic search I found tons of helpful stackoverflow answers with code examples for basic drawing functionality using android drawable.
I even found a youtube on how to add a color palette using kotlin which will help in your last feature.

I realize that take home projects can be stressful but this is something that you have to implement and figure out on your own.

Like I said, use the helpful content you find through google searches to help you build out each feature and that will help you build out your basic prototype.

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Please send your finding to me

What I’m good at is html, css and JavaScript

May I ask why you are applying for an android job?

Also, if you google android drawable then it will take you straight to the docs.
And then basic google searches of “how to draw lines in android drawable” or “how to create a color palette kotlin” will help.

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I just see message I don’t know when I applied