I need Help to decide which track shall I take?

I’m a supply chain manager deals always with data and expert with computer use as I’m MCITP certified but never worked by it ( just for fun). I need to get a new certificate and new career in programming to work freely with it whereas not neglecting my current specialty. some said to start with data science, Python, mobile Apps etc…

So I need to direct me how to start and which track should I use ? but please take into consideration that I don’t know anything about programming

Python and data analysis sounds great for you and the FCC Python section presents the language from start to advanced matters, but its kinda fast paced and it can be harder for someone not familiar with programming to manage to keep up. On the other hand, the preceding sections on responsive web desgign, javaScript etc does go over more details on programming and various topics and even if in the end, you dont take up JS or web standards as your primary field, they still will prove useful and overall its a good introduction in programming, which will ease your entrance in any other field of programming. The main JS section itself is heavily focused on computations and have nearly nothing directly related to web design.


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