I need help to make this

I transport my code here

This is a learning site. We don’t like to solve problems for people, we like to help them learn how to solve them themselves.

If you have tried something, please share your code and ask specific questions.

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thank you for your answer, I will send my code, you are right, I’m sorry.

Not sure why you flagged your own post as inappropriate, but please do not do that.

Just update the thread with the code you need help with. As said we can help, but we won’t code it for you.

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No need to apologize. It’s cool. I was just trying to make you aware.

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this is it my problem

Not sure why you opened this thread if you already have one for the question. I will close this one then as we do not allow for duplicate threads.

You can always bump your own thread by posting in it. Just don’t do it too often and realize people will help if they can, want to, and have the time for it.

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