I need help to write my resume

It’s not secret that a lot of people hate writing resumes, in my case I simply have no idea of how to do this. I recently finished my portfolio with some side projects and I feel ready to apply for jobs, link to portfolio: https://gilbert1391.github.io/Portfolio/

I don’t have a degree nor do I have experience working as a developer. So my question is, how should I write me resume? I fear it will look blank and make me look like a complete beginner, and even though I am a beginner I’ve gained a lot of experience and learned a lot by building projects, I feel confident I can do the job of a junior front-end developer at the very least.

I’ve been working hard to finally start applying for jobs but this resume thing is a problem… I’m sure others have gone through this and made it, I’d like to know how you guys did it.

Check my portfolio, if you think I’m ready for a junior position, then please give me some advice to write my resume. Thanks a lot in advance.


Your portfolio looks incredible, man. You’ve coded up a portfolio website, filled it with quality side projects, and are clearly making efforts to increase your skills.

There’s this concept from Abductive reasoning called: “The Duck Test” Simply put:

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Similarly, you look like a developer to me in all ways count towards being a developer. You’re doing all the things developers do, so you are a developer. I wouldn’t get too hung up on experience if you’re just beginning. Employers tend to look at trajectory, and yours looks fantastic.

As for what to write on your resume, I would follow this resume template.
I landed a paid web internship at a big company a couple years ago only having a couple projects using a similar (but much uglier) template.
Your projects are much better than mine were by a longshot.

Because your projects are your main strength, focus on listing out your projects. List what you learned while creating each and the tech used. The article I linked to goes into much greater detail about specifics.

Hope that helps.
Good luck!

Hey thanks a lot man, I appreciate the feedback. I will definitely follow the guide from that article.

Honestly I never thought of listing my projects because they are not “real” but hey, I tried to make them look as real as possible and I did gain experience from it, so maybe it’s not a bad idea listing them in my resume. Thanks!

Great work, Gilbert!