I need help with Building a Product Landing Page

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hello i am trying to make a product landing page but i dont know how to get the text and the image/logo thing in the same row. Can somebody pls help me out with it?

here is the link: https://codepen.io/sann3333/pen/oNvLEzm

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Hi @sanne3333,
Bootstrap would help with that, take a look at the navbar page, specifically the brand section for the image :slight_smile:

If you want to do it without bootstrap, I think that you should do something like this inside the header

<nav ...>
  <img .../>
    <a href...><li>...</li></a>

Few things to which you should pay attention:

  • Check your tags. Some are not closed properly. The img tag lacks the closing and the last div should be a closing instead of an opening tag. Also I think the ul closing tag is missing (I’m using the phone so it’s a bit difficult to check the code smoothly).
  • You can’t give an href to a li item. You have to give it to an anchor one (<a href="#blahblahblah>…li item here…). Also I’m not sure that the value of the href can contain spaces, because they can’t be put in a URL, unless they are properly encoded.

As @simonebogni points out, it’s just that you have some malformed HTML.

To make it easier to spot, you can use the ‘tidy HTML’ option in Codepen to format your code better and make it easier to spot incorrectly closed / nested elements.

oh thanks when put in the img closing tag wich i forgot . it finally worked.