I need help with C++ program. It's already open-source but i need help modifying it

I need help with a program primarily made in C++. It’s open-source, and it’s already working and done. But i want to modify it but it’s hard for me. Anybody who’s available please reply. I’m not sure if there’s chatting here but this is my discord: skateszoo. This project is really really important to me so if you can lend a hand it’ll be very ery much appreciated!!

Please post the code you need help with, or a link to a repository holding that code. Also, please describe what you are trying to do and what difficulties you have encountered while trying to make these changes. Thanks

Thank you SO much for replying! this is the repository: GitHub - LeagueToolkit/cslol-manager.

This is a program used for modding (custom colors/model swap mods).

I want the options “export mod”, and “edit mod” to be removed. And for there to be no option to “import mod” but rather i can put the files inside the program somehow so it comes pre-installed with no way to find the mod files within the program folders. (Maybe in the .exe application?)

And it saves the mod files to a folder called “installed” and i want that removed too.

Mainly i want just for there to be more security to mod files because anybody can access the files by exporting them or editing them and discredit the original mod maker. Or also unzipping the files (as the .fantome extension is similar to .zip)

Ok, what have you tried so far and what difficulties have you encountered?

I have tried to study C++ and then tried to understand the program by reading the files in source.zip. However i haven’t had any success as it’s really complex for me.

I’m really hoping to find someone who can help me directly doing it for a fee with money i have, it might not be much but i really understand i must value your time and am not great like you but wish to be or guide me to any tutorial or any resource i could use to understand the program so i’m able to modify it

This isn’t a jobs board. This is a coding education board. We don’t trade code for money here. We help people learn how to code.

Depending upon how much time you want to put into this, I’d learn some C/C++ and reach out to the project author about how the code works. They would be the expert about that project.

No you have misunderstood me! i don’t mean anything negative at all, i knew it was out of place but i thought i must pay for your time!

Can you take a look at this code snippet and tell me how hard it would be to replicate?

#include <QDebug>
#include <chrono>

#include "CSLOLTools.h"
#include "CSLOLToolsImpl.h"

CSLOLTools::CSLOLTools(QObject *parent) : QObject(parent) {
    thread_ = new QThread();
    worker_ = new CSLOLToolsImpl();

    connect(worker_, &CSLOLToolsImpl::stateChanged, this, &CSLOLTools::setState);
    connect(worker_, &CSLOLToolsImpl::statusChanged, this, &CSLOLTools::setStatus);
    connect(worker_, &CSLOLToolsImpl::leaguePathChanged, this, &CSLOLTools::setLeaguePath);
    connect(worker_, &CSLOLToolsImpl::reportError, this, &CSLOLTools::reportError);

Since I don’t know anything about this package, I honestly have no idea.

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