I need help with code pen linking of external head section files

Hi, I am trying to build a portfolio on code pen but for some reason the hyperlinks and text appears in the center of the page instead of on the top left and I have not applied css to position it. I am not understanding why my navbar looks center aligned.

Link to pen https://codepen.io/SaadiaEAhmed/pen/NgrQzY

See screenshot https://www.screencast.com/t/6SnABuwS5UBu

I have tried adding the head section and lining bootstrap and jquery files there but that has not helped me.

Codepen has a different way of doing things. You don’t add sources in the <head> tag, but rather in the Codepen UI. Here’s some instructions:

You also have a secondary issue. You link to Bootstrap 3 in your html tab and you’ve attached Bootstrap 4 in the settings section.

You can only have one or the other.

Thanks I removed all code pen js and css sources and re add and my code works. I also removed my own added ones in head section.