I need help with edditing extension for Chrome

Hi, i have a little bit problem with editting existing extension for google chrome. It is extension for web browser game, nothing illegal. Just there exist two version of extension. 1. old ver. 2.4 and second the latest.
My problem is, that in latest, author of extension changed style of “calculator”, so i want to change it to the old one, from version 2.4.
I have both version dowloaded (Nová složka.rar | Ulož.to (for download click on the turtlle icon))
So, i had an idea, that i will just copy and paste code from old calculator to the new calculator. jss. But it doesnt work ofc, because i dont have idea what to change in code, what is reffering to new code to accept old one calculator.

What i find is, that in old version, it is called “snipe… SnipeRankCost etc…”
in new vrsion it is in code called “Save…SaveRankCost etc. …”
The think is, that in old version everything (medal, forge points, blueprints) are in code

SnipeRankCosts[Rank] = Math.round((Calculator.Rankings[j]['forge_points'] + RestFP) / 2);

and in new version everything (medal, forge points, blueprints) are in code

SaveRankCosts[Rank] = MainParser.round((Calculator.Rankings[j]['forge_points'] + RestFP) / 2);

So what exactly is different between “Math.round” vs “MainParser.round”?
I can try substitute every “MainParser.round” in new code, to “Math.round” from old code. Does it help? Or i will mix two different things?

Because for me is all this coding like trying to read chinese font, so that is why i asking help here. You already see this type of problems and you know what to do with it, also when i will take a look on code, i simply cant see that “this link is connected to another one in different folder” :confused:

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