I need help with edit addon (chrome)

I will definetly try in next hour, but it doesnt matter, that old calculator has different body, than in new code?

green line is what is same in both. Red is “sniping” which i want ot have in new one

Right. I think there may be some big changes here. I would expect that it would take a much deeper understanding of this code to figure out what is happening.

So if i will copy and paste folders(calculator), and than in new version come to “_main” and change value as you wrote, it will bring old fashion calculator with old function?

I don’t know. In order to truly answer that question I would have to spend a lot of time analyzing the code.

Have you tried contacting the author?

Yeh, he prefer this new one, but doesnt suppert the old one. I prefer the old one more, because o dint care about “more shining pictures is better” :smiley: That function was for me great

I haven’t dealt much with extensions. Can you for the old one and use that?

yes, i can use the old one, but some function already missing, because of change “api” in game. So the new one “reacted” to these changes and make code to adapt for it. But old one didnt. In old one is calculator 100 % function.

when i changed

* Performs rounding taking into account floating point inaccuracy
	 * @param {number} value
	 * @returns {number}
	round: (value) => Math.round(value),{
		let Epsilon = 0.000001;

		if (value >= 0) {
			return Math.round(value + Epsilon);
		else {
			return Math.round(value - Epsilon);

this in _main
the extension stop working

OK, well if the API has changed and he doesn’t support that old API, then you’re kind of humped.

So, I think we’re back to the idea that you’d have to spend a lot of time working to understand the code and adapt it, if that’s even possible.

Well, but that old version od extension and calculator inside function just fine, so api doesnt change that.
So “copy and paste” maybe could work? Because if i understand it correctly, body and function of calculator are programed inside “calculator” folder and “anounced” in “_main” folder. So maybe if i will copy old calculator folder and in _main i will change this part with “math.round” it could maybe function?

Or do you think, that it will be easier, to copy and paste folder calculator and than look at _main and than everything related to “calculator” just change to old version code for that same parts of code? But can be code for calculator easily distinguishable between all these lines of code?

I don’t know what to tell you. Based on what I’m seeing and what you’ve said, I would not expect this to be an easy swap. If you can make it work, more power to ya, I just don’t see how this is going to work without either some significant work or some significant luck.

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Yeh i had luck with add back one of the older function to the latest one, but it must be really luck, because that is only thing which i changed in code (found differences

between codes and just delete some of new code and write old one and it worked), but this … :confused: This just doesnt make sense to me enought to make it work :confused:

Well, you had right :smiley: :smiley: Significant luck, i done it :smiley: it is a live :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Sure, some function of new calculator (like custom function) doesnt work, but i didnt need them anyway :smiley: The main goel was reached :smiley: