I need help with "Lorem ipsum"

In the 4th lesson in FreeCodeCamp.org, they have taught about “Lorem ipsum”. And they said that since we’re making a CatPhotoApp, let’s used something like “kitty impsum”. This confused me a bit. Does that mean depending on what web or program you are making, the “lorem” in “lorem ipsum” will be replaced by a word related to your program? See, in FreeCodeCamp, we are making a CatPhotoApp. So they replaced with “kitty impsum”. I don’t get it! I looked it up in Google but I couldn’t understand a bit. According to FreeCodeCamp, it’s used as a placeholder text. Can anyone please explain this further in an easy way and also answer my above query?

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During development cycle, many times a developer has to create the web page before the content is actually defined, or perhaps added by a different team (like Marketing).

What is usually done by developer then is to use “dummy” data to fill the gap but still gives the impression of the final product.

Think for examples at avatars: on a lot of platform an avatar gets assigned to you even if you don’t upload one of your own.

“Lorem ipsum” is historically the placeholder for text: you need to add some text to a page, but not sure about the exact content? Fill it with random words :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope it makes sense

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when you create a page for the first time, you may not know what text will go in the page, so you can use a sample text (usually called placeholder); the Lorem ipsum text is a passage from an old latin book, freeCodeCamp uses instead the Kitty ipsum one to make it a bit fun

you don’t have to use that text, it’s just a thing that is often used

the thing is that using real text gives a better effect than for example repeating the same word over and over

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Okay so kitty ipsum text is just another kind of placeholder text?

I don’t get it. I don’t understand

It’s literally just some text used to fill in a space, there’s nothing special about it. It could be a some text copied from a book, or all letter "a"s or the word “word” repeated over and over. Some random text that looks real unless you read it is kinda preferable because it looks more like real text, but randomly banging on your keyboard will give you a similar thing.

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Hmm. So basically kitty impsum is used so that we won’t have to repeat the same word over and over again?

That’s what I want to know. Can you just change the lorem with any name to fill the space? Or kitty ipsum is already a kind of placeholder text?

  1. You are developing a web page for someone
  2. Part of the web page has blocks of text.
  3. You don’t have that text at the minute
  4. You need something to fill the space to see what the layout looks like

It doesn’t matter, there aren’t “types” of placeholder text. This just happens to be random words to do with cats because cats are nice. Lorem ipsum is made up of “words” that look like Latin and is commonly used placeholder text, so “kitty ipsum” is a play on words, it’s a joke

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Okay …I understand now

Let me get this straight: Lorem ipsum is a placeholder text that is used for filling the space in order to see what the layout looks like. For example, you are designing a web page for someone, and part of that web page has blocks of text. And you currently don’t have that text. So you need something to fill the space to see what the layout looks like.

Yes, or any other media that involves designing layouts (magazines, posters, booklets etc).

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Okay. Thank you I get it now

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Just to make it more clear I would like to add -

“Lorem Ipsum” is just a dummy text and if you google for dummy text you will get this-

Dummy text is text that is used in the publishing industry or by web designers to occupy the space which will later be filled with ‘real’ content. This is required when, for example, the final text is not yet available. Dummy text is also known as 'fill text

There are many dummy texts available but Lorem Ipsum is the most famous as far as I have seen . Its purpose is to create a natural looking block of text (sentence, paragraph, page, etc.) that doesn’t distract from the layout.

It is pseudo Latin – containing some recognizable Latin words, but jumbled up. Lorem isn’t even a proper Latin word – it’s cut out of “dolorem ipsum”. But it’s not random. It has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book . It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting , remaining essentially unchanged.

You can find more information at - https://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/creative-lifestyle/lorem-ipsum-dolor-sit-amet/#:~:text=Lorem%20Ipsum%20text%20is%20pseudo,But%20it’s%20not%20random.

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Okay. Thank you. But we don’t need to integrate Lorem Ipsum in our coding if we don’t want to, right?

It’s just dummy text. If you need some dummy text you can use it (or something similar) so you don’t have to think and type something yourself. Or you can copy paste the contents of that email you just got from your mother. Or you can copy the contents of a Wikipedia page. Or you can just bang randomly on your keyboard until there are enough characters on screen to satisfy you. It doesn’t matter.

I get this is proving a slightly confusing concept, but it’s literally just gibberish text to fill a space when you don’t have real text to go there. There’s nothing at all special about it. If you are making a website or an app and you need to check some textual part of it looks ok, you can put some dummy text in to check it looks ok. That’s it.


Okay I get it. Thank you. No more queries left