I need help with my project

hey.can you help me?i dont know to do rectangular left corner of the screenhinh

Hi @phamchinh20041995!

Welcome to the forum!

I moved your question out of that other post because it was off topic.

I don’t understand your question.
Do you have an issue with the test suite?

image hinh

i dont understand them?
sr my english is not good

Each project has a set of tests that you need to pass in order to complete the project and submit it.

In the test suite, select the project you are working on and click run tests.

Based on the picture you gave me the selected project is the random quote machine.

After you click on run tests, it will tell you how many tests are correct.

Right now it says tests 1 out of 12 which means you only passed 1 test out of the required 12.

What project are you working on?
Are you working on the portfolio project?

yes.i learned css and html on freecodecamp but when i do project i dont understand them

If I understand you correctly you finished all of the lessons and you are struggling with getting started with the first projects.

Is that right?

Can you share your codepen link so I can see what you have done so far?

i dont do on codepen.i just refer suggest but not success.Do you have littel a suggest for me continue doing?

Well, I guess I don’t understand the problem.


I wish I could be more help.

If you want to post some of your code right here in the forum, maybe we could work from there.

Otherwise, I am not really sure how to assist you.

sr i will share your codepen link for you as soon as possible? thanks for your assitant

It looks like your screenshot is Codepen.

If you sign up for a Codepen account, you can “fork,” or copy this test suite. That is where you write your code to complete your project. At any time in the process, you can check your progress by running the tests in the test suite. Just make sure to select the correct project.

Hope that helps.

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Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều

hi.i find my proplem.thanks

Nice tribute page, and the test suite says 10/10. :slight_smile:

So now, you can copy/paste the Codepen URL in the “Solution Link” box, and the tribute page project will be marked complete.

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As mentioned earlier by @cherylm you passed all of the tests.

Did you have any other issues or was that it?

no thanks your help.