I need help with Registration of new users

Hi, I’ve been stuck on this challenge, and this is the error that I can’t pass

And here is my Glitch link

Looks like FCC server that handles this exercise is down so I would give it a try again later.

I’ve tried it again but I still couldn’t pass it, and here are the errors

When I went to my glitch page

This is the error that I got from the login part

and the same with the register

I’d like to look at your code but the glitch link doesn’t seem to work for me.

I deleted my glitch link by mistake, sorry about that. I recovered it, and it should be working now.

My glitch link

My glitch code

You can see glitch is giving you the error that db is not defined.

You need to connect to the db properly.

I see you have mongo.connect(...) {}

See how the else statement in there logs you are connected inside that code block?

Not sure if this answers your question but that is the source of your error.

It is not working. Just FYI