I need Help with Responsive web design

I can confidently say that my skills in HTML and CSS is above average. I have taken the time to complete all the HTML and CSS exercise on freecode camp. Furthermore, I have built 4 different websites.

However, my biggest problem lies with making my site responsive to larger screen sizes. You see, I am comfortable with using the “block property” to display mobile screen. My biggest problem lies with making my website automatically respond to larger screen size. I would like my larger screen size to remain “compact”, and not spread apart as the screen expand.

I dont want to really only on bootstrap, I want a CSS method that accomplishes this task. Here are 2 of my websites:


Hi @kaderinto,
There are a couple of ways you could go about that, like containing the content within a wrapper element (<div>, <main>, <article>, etc.) and limit its width. You could also limit the width of the elements themselves, or assign them columns within a css-grid …

Sorry, but not really helpful

Just give it a max-width that looks good to you.

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Seconded. The key to keeping things compact on larger screens is to limit the width of the content area. I have seen few examples of websites that go full-width on even the largest screens. Most decide on a maximum width and stick with it.