I need help with technical documentation

What do they mean by this:

The first element within each .main-section should be a element which contains text that describes the topic of that section.

HI @Kasakapen !

When a test fails click the red button to see which test(s) are failing and text to help you correct the issue.
Be sure and read more than just the first line of the failing message. The ability to read and comprehend error messages is a skill you’ll need to acquire as a developer. Ask questions on what you don’t understand.

Here is the part of the error message you need to look at.
Not all elements with the class ‘main-section’ have a <header> element as a first element child : expected 4 to equal 5

The message is telling you that you are missing one.
Once I fix that it passes.

Sidenote: An h1 tag should be used once on the page.
You might want to change all of those to h2 elements instead.

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