I need help with the last part

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// Setup
var a;
var b = 2;

// Only change code below this line

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Challenge: Storing Values with the Assignment Operator

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Right now …

a=7; /* seven gets assigned to 'a' */
b=7; /* seven gets assigned to 'b' */

You should “Assign the contents of a to variable b .”
The value has to be copied from a itself, it can not be an equivalent value.

I think so!

a = 7
b = a

Hi rielka,
I have blurred out you code to avoid spoiling a full working solution for other campers who may not yet want to see a complete solution. In the future, if you post a full passing solution to a challenge and have questions about it, please surround it with [spoiler] and [/spoiler] tags on the line above and below your solution code.