I need help with the meta data section in index.html

I am almost done with index.html, i am having one problem. they said i should enter i did it but they said its wrong. What should i do

Welcome to the community @Xcrimson !

Coulld you please post complete code using the preformatted at the top of this text box?
Or better to use the Help from the step that you are working on. In this way, the community can see the code and offer you proper guidance to resolve the problem.

Happy coding!



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they said i should enter a meta element and add a charset attribute with its value set to UFT -8. I should also nest it in the head element

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I am at Step 69 of index.html

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Thank you!

I will include a Basic Boiler Template which will provide you with the way to enter the meta element nested within the head element.

HTML Starter Boiler Template

You will be able to use this as a guide through the whole Responsive Web Design course.

Keep up the great progress! Happy coding!

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Thank you i will look into it

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