I need HELP with the Step 55

I’m having a hard time with the Step 55

My code:
<input id=loving type="checkbox"> <label for="loving"> </label>


The text Loving should be nested within the new label element. You have either omitted the text or have a typo.

Hello. Pay attention to the hint. You’ve omitted the text required to pass this step. Remember that for something to be nested within an element, it must be within the opening and closing tags of said element.

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Sorry I can’t still get it

Could you show your code here, please? In order for code to show properly in the forums you can use Preformatted text button (</>).

<input id=loving type="checkbox"> <label for="loving"> </label>
     <label> Loving </label>


You will need to add a new label element in which to nest the text Loving. Make sure it has both an opening and closing tag.

You added a new label element with the text Loving. And you’d previously added a label element with the attribute for set to loving. The step only asked you to add one label element, so while both label elements you’ve added are part of the solution, the solution itself should be a combination of both and not two separate elements.

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Thank you I got it :smiling_face_with_tear:

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