I need help with this kaboom.js code

I’m making my own game as an assignment that I’ve been given. I followed a tutorial on youtube while adding a bit of my own symbols to along the way. Now I’m stuck, I’ve retraced my steps and i’m still confused and in need of some help! This error keeps popping up underneath my webview. The program that im using is kaboom.js (Legacy) on Replit. ![kaboom error|690x355]

const map = [
’ ',
’ ',
’ ',
’ ',
’ ',
’ % xzx%x ',
’ ',
’ ',
’ ? ? h ',
'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx ',

const levelCfg = {
width: 20,
height: 20,
‘x’: [sprite(‘grass’)],
‘?’: [sprite(‘wolf’), solid(), ‘dangerous’],
‘!’: [sprite(‘butterfly’), solid(), ‘dangerous’],
‘$’: [sprite(‘apple’)],
‘%’: [sprite(‘question’), ‘apple-surprise’, solid()],
‘z’: [sprite(‘question’), ‘oat-surprise’, solid()],
‘n’: [sprite(‘mushroom’)],
‘}’: [sprite(‘opened’), solid()],
‘h’: [sprite(‘house’), scale(0.5), solid()],

addLevel(map, levelCfg)

I do know that my code doesnt have semicolons at the end of brackets thats because the video I watched the lady didn’t mention about using them yet.

Video I watched.

Please post a link to your repl so that it’s easier for others to help. Thanks!

I cant send the link as its not allowing me to- it might be because im connected to it on my college email.

It will be extremely difficult for people to help from a picture of part of the code.

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Its the whole code…this is all I did.

It’s hard for me to read the picture and I can’t experiment with your code, so I can’t help. Maybe someone else will be able to just know the problem by looking at the picture.

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