I Need Help With Writing Arithmetic Formatter

I’ve just completed the Scientific Computing with Python course and I’m so confused on what I’m doing. I’ve never got a chance to write any code, so I don’t even know how to do this project. I understand if I’m supposed to be doing this on my own, but I’m completely stumped. Here’s the code I’ve written so far:

def arithmetic_arranger(problems):
arithmetic_arranger([“25 + 18”, “1 - 38”, “9 + 34”, “53 - 49”], True)

return arranged_problems

I apologize if this code is incomplete (total newbie here), but I really didn’t understand the instructions that were given. If there’s anybody that can show me what I’m doing wrong and how to make my code run properly, I would immensely appreciate it.

Here’s the URL with the instructions if needed: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/scientific-computing-with-python/scientific-computing-with-python-projects/arithmetic-formatter

You are calling a function inside itself, that’s not something you should be doing

Note that while you are free to do the curriculum in any order, it is designed to be done in order from top to bottom, so the Python section is not really beginner friendly

In the body of arithmetic_arranger function you will need to write the code to go from the input of a list of strings + optional parameter, to the output of a string with the operations formatted as required

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