I Need Some Advice

I have been working at a job that is very physically difficult (basically construction) for the last two years. It does not pay very well, so I have also been basically living paycheck to paycheck. I have been working through several issues in my life and now I am in a much more stable position. In addition, I have been working through FCC recently and am now I am totally committed to pursuing software development as a career in my future.

I am going to quit my job in mid-September and sell my motorcycle. Once I do this I should have enough in savings to last until the end of this year. I am also considering selling my 2014 Honda Civic in order to generate more cash. I am considering this because it will buy me many months of free time to devote completely to improving my skills, and I think if I do this I will be able to obtain a better long-term outcome career-wise. I am willing to sell my car and buy a much cheaper used car if need be. If I do this, and even if I buy a new car, I think I will have sufficient money to last until next summer before I begin to really need more cash.

The alternative would be not selling my car and finding more temporary work, however, I personally do not like this option because I would still be living in a situation of financial instability like I am now. I am very stressed out currently due to my job and finances and this is not ideal for my learning process.

The advice I need is basically concerning my car, should I:

###a) Sell the car, buy more time:###


  • Gaining near-term financial stability and lots of time to devote to studying and taking care of myself.
  • By the time I am job-searching, I am much more stable (read: not desperate) and have developed my skills very sufficiently.


  • I lose a car that would otherwise last me many more years.
  • I risk buying a cheap used car that may require unforeseen, expensive maintenance.
  • If somehow I can’t find a job anywhere I will have to then find a new job at the point where I run out of money.

###b) Keep the car, but get a temporary job:###


  • I keep the car which will last me many more years.


  • My life is still financially unstable in the near-term.
  • I have less time to learn and my learning process is less efficient because of stress.
  • I will feel more desperate to just ‘take any job I can get’ rather than a job that is really the right fit.

I should also say that personally, the stress issue is very important to me. I have been extremely burdened by my current job and am partly quitting simply because I have frequent back and neck pain as a result of it. I really need some downtime to just take care of myself and not be stressed about being able to pay for things.

My long-term goal is to find a job I will love in software development, and I am interested in making a choice now that will best allow me to reach that goal. Also, regarding my progress in FCC, I have only the Dynamic Web App projects remaining before being eligible for the Non-Profit Projects. I think I will be able to finish these back-end projects by the end of August, at which point I will:

  • Begin working on the Non-Profit Projects
  • Begin trying to contribute to open-source (starting with FCC)
  • Continue reading programming books
  • Continue building more projects on my own
  • Take more online university courses
  • Continue to improve my algorithm solving skills

I think that if I do sell my car, I will gain enough free time to make substantial progress on these goals to where in a period of time of say, 6 months, I will be in a very good position to begin applying for jobs. Also, it’s worth mentioning that I am definitely planning on relocating for the job, meaning I will be applying in other cities. I am not very interested in trying to find a job/internship in my current location (largely due to lack of opportunities) but do have a lease here lasting until next July, meaning it would make sense to try and stay here until at least next spring.

I’m in a similar-ish spot. I’m working as a land surveyor and I am just done. I’ve been learning about coding for the last couple months and I am also now committed to going for a dev job. The first day I go to work and get to sit down in the air conditioning…omg.

As for the car issue, only you can decide what your best path forward is, but my advice would be to think looooong and hard before selling a functioning car with many more years in it. If your plans fall through, having a dependable car to fall back on is a lifesaver, I know it. Just something to consider! Good luck man, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you. Let’s both get inside outta the sun and in front of a computer!


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So, I can’t tell you which option is right for you, but have you done a budget for the remainder of the year that included the car? If yes, and you feel you can afford it, then you wouldn’t need to sell it immediately, and could revisit the issue later if you need to. I agree that having a dependable way to get around can be a lifesaver, especially if you live in a city that’s hard to get around without a car.

Sounds personal.

I would say keep your eyes on your goal and do what it takes to get there. Explore all your options. Personal loans are available. Just tell them you want the money to go on a big expensive vacation. If you’re single, live somewhere cheap, and eat cheap but healthy food, you shouldn’t need too much money.

Have you seen Pursuit of Happiness? That man lived in a homeless shelter while he pursued his dream.

@Cazzowary thanks for the feedback and best of luck to you as well!

@marisamorby thank you! I do have a budget and definitely don’t have to decide immediately. I will hopefully postpone my decision until I have a lot of confidence in what I decide.

@sethkoch thanks! I’m definitely living about as cheaply as possible right now. I will try to keep my mind open.

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