I need some feed back on my pen , if you can can you give me some feedback 😀

my pen

I need some feed back on my pen , if you can, can you give me some feedback :grinning:
krish sahu

The colour is not something i like, i should say. Especially the shadow-like texts.
I also got an horizontal scroll bar. Plus the text are too much.

Seems you didn’t invest much time in it. But it’s great that you made it!

All of those things except the colour (if you don’t know a bit about graphic design… )are easy fix.


Your design has a couple of problems:

  1. The image on the background makes some text hard to read depending on the user’s screen size (width), plus what @samolex says about the scroll bar.
  2. Using 3D/shadowed text makes it hard to read. It may be fine in some contexts (like a game, maybe), but for a website that’s meant to be read… it’s just bad :slight_smile:.

The font and font colors make it difficult to read, but those are easy fixes. Or you could add an opaque or semi-opaque background to the text so it’s more legible. Personally, I prefer one image to cover the background (rather than tiling).