I need some feedback on my resume

I have about a year and a month of experience but I can’t seem to land my next position.
Any feedback or direction would be helpful.

Hi @manny22isaac !

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The main thing I see missing from your resume are your impact and value statements with numbers.
The biggest advantages you have over someone without experience is that you can talk about the impact you left at a company.

All of your bullet points, should not only talk about what you did but the end result it left on the company

For example,

“Refactored legacy xyz project that led to a x% decrease in bug reports and x% increase in developer productivity”


“optimized Git workflows which resulted in x% decrease in merge conflicts and x% in team efficiency”

I think reframing it like will better highlight the impact you have left so far

Recruiters and hiring mangers love numbers
so give that to them.

if you don’t know those numbers, then talk to your manager.

Also, I am not sure the object statement you left is jumping out as much.
Personally, I would leave it out. Or maybe work with chat gpt to punch it up a bit so it stands out more.
Writing summaries and objectives are hard.

Hope that helps


This is really insightful thank you so much!