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How can I access this property when there is no name property? case 2

var Person = function (name) {
    this.name = name || 'danbi';

// case 1 
// var cody = new Person('eugene choi');
// console.log(this.name);

// case 2 
// window.name ?? 
var cody = Person("eugene choi");

Case 1: You called new Person -> this is related to Person (an extra-this is created)
You can access name that way:
console.log(cody.name); // eugene choi

Case 2: You called Person WITHOUT new. That means there is no extra “this” (new is responsible for creating a this) and so this is taken from “window” (global scope)
So window.name is correct. (Maybe it’s not intended to use it this way)
console.log(window.name); // eugene choi

A technical better explanation of these things is e.g. here:

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Thank you for your kindness.
‘this’ concept is still too easy and difficult.

As you mentioned, the problem was solved.

Thanks once again.:smile: