I need some help with my regExp to validated phone number

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I’m trying to create just one regexp to pass all test but I need a little help on how to make the regular expression validate the two numbers between parentheses and when it starts with 1 and then space and then parenthesis

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function telephoneCheck(str) {
// Good luck!
let patter = /^1?(\d{3})[(\d{3})]?[-/s]*(\d{3})[-/s]*(\d{4})$/g
return patter.test(str)

console.log(telephoneCheck('555 555 5555'))
console.log(telephoneCheck("1 (555) 555-5555"));
console.log(telephoneCheck("1 555 555 5555"));

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Challenge: Telephone Number Validator

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Well, you don’t have any logic to allow a space after the 1 in your pattern.

There are also some online tools that can help (regexr and regex101). Here is the MDN docs as well.

let patter = /^1?\s?(\d{3}|\([0-9]{3}\))[-\s]\d{3}[-\s]\d{4}|\d{10}|^1?\([0-9]{3}\)\d{3}[-\s]\d{4}/g
  return patter.test(str)

I almost done with this pattern but I don’t understand why in this cases don’t return false


If you see it broken down like this, does that help?