I need some help with my tribute page

Hey everyone, I have been working on my tribute page and have it basically built but I need help with some of the styling of it as the bootstrap is not really cooperating with me. I am trying to make the page responsive and it seems everything I try just breaks something else and I am at a point of getting frustrated. If it is at all possible, could I please get some feedback on what I did and what I could do better/differently. I am 100% willing to learn and open to constructive criticism, I just need some help. Thanks in advance.

Here is the link: https://codepen.io/OliviaRaven79/pen/YEGXBR/

@OliviaRaven1579, I believe your background-size: 100% auto !important; is overriding the bootstrap formatting. Try this instead and see if that gets you what you are looking for

background-size: cover

If that doesn’t do what you are looking for, try do a little looking around at the background-size options on the web.

Thank you for your response. I implemented the change you suggested and there was seemingly no change. One of the biggest issues I am having with this is with the columns and trying to get the page to be responsive without anything overlapping (i.e. the small picture near the top being overlapped by the blockquote when I size down my browser).