I need tips regarding how to start as a Web Developer

Hello my name is Jacob and soon to be 30 years old and im getting closer to the end of the education in university where i tough myself the basics of html, css javascript and databases and so forth.

Something they did not teach us is how to get started, I’ve read a lot on the internet and watched dosen of YouTube videos reading about their journey and how they got started but there is still so many questionmarks.

My goal at the end is to get employed by a company who manages, updates, creates and designs websites for other companies. And i guess i will learn more about how this part works when i get in touch with them and hopefully finaly land a job.

Now how ever i have plenty of people asking me to create websites for them and i’d really like to create a websites for smaller companies who does not need large shops or login stuff etc because im not confident in those types of things yet.

So my question is how do i start? Let’s say i use a bootstrap 4 template and create a very simple website for someone, what comes after? Do i tell them to purchase a place to store the site or should i completley have full control over the website… I have no clue how to approach such a conversation and how it should work.

Could YOU please tell me YOUR checklist from start - end with a customer? How a dialog could go. I’m sorry if the text got a bit messy, i really hope what im after is understadable. And i also know that there is no CORRECT answer but i just want to get a feeling of it, thanks!

Please note that I’m not taking any cash for my work, i just want to stay a bit fresh and keep learning with a real project and help smaller companies here were i live moving forward.

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