I need to code a free internet app (app that provides free internet )what can I use or learn to do it

Free internet app which can provide free internet data

…you know, you should start with writing complete sentences.
After that, maybe go a tiny little MASSIVE bite more into detail.
What kind of app?
What do you mean with “free internet data”?

You know, like, any kind of information would be nice…
Though given this lack of anything, you sound like you are new to coding. So let me say “welcome to the forum” and “that task seems to be years beyond your skill-level”. For a start, you cannot even comprehend the level of complexity needed to just explain the goal…


Thanks for your reply
You are right am new and my skill level are am an upcoming developer
But what I needed is to help me give me hits on how I can make a VPN tunnel app
Which can use SSL, Webscoket, TCP network…

is this the first app you are going to build? if it’s so, it is going to be really difficult.

Also, you can’t have free data thanks to an app, you can’t bypass the internet provider in that way, you will still have to pay the internet provider.

While that’s not my field of expertise - that’s quite a lot of topics to begin with.
If you are a beginner, you propably don’t know a lot about how the internet even works, do you? Like how a TCP package is built, about the OSI-layers, sockets, IP?
Then we got the issue of how VPN works, cryptology and the math behind it.
SSL technology also it not something to just whip up.

That said, it’s all stuff that already exists in some form or another and propably every major programming language offers multiple public code-packages containing everything you need.
Like, you could propably just google for Python libraries to handle VPN, SSL, Websockets, TCP and whatnot…

Though I am just rambling. Like, I still have no idea what you try to achieve. You just namedropped a couple of technologies, which you want to put into an app. But you didn’t say what the purpose of the app is.
I mean, if I enter a word into google, I am already using TCP and Websockets. If I use a private VPN, this would already cover 3 of the technologies, without any programming. Soooo, yeah - that’s the problem. These technologies don’t mean anything special.

Thank from the highlighting me
you are the best

Nothing is free, there is a resource cost to everything (energy, time, money, etc.).

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