I need to create a computer program as a diploma project. Any suggestions on a topic?

Hi. I’m finishing my BS in Computer Science and I need to develop a computer program. I’d like to know if anyone needs custom software for their small/medium businesses because it’s better to spend my time for free to do something useful.


Everyone here will simply create what they want to have made.

Come up with a passion project.

Surely with everything you have studied so far in your degree, you can think of a project useful for something that interests you (i.e. a hobby outside of computer science).

It is not a good idea to submit commercial grade work in fulfillment of educational requirement.
If you’re going to learn one thing, learn this: do not exceed the requirements unless you’re guaranteed explicit bonus for it. Otherwise you’ll look like an underplayer, and others will overlook you.


Creating a software program that a small business could use is a fine idea. Can you think of something yourself that would help a small business? You might check with some businesses or nonprofits in your area and ask what kinds of things they might want. What about something your school or fellow students could use?

Throwing out a few ideas to get you started (you might not like them, but if one gets you thinking “not this, but more like that” it will have helped):

  • a tool for comparing candidates for a job to use in hiring decisions
  • an interactive program used in employee or student orientation
  • a To Do planner for business owners, managers, professors or students
  • a fundraising tracker for nonprofits/charities
  • a science or history simulation for learning that subject
  • a tool to help students choose a college major
  • a design tool for product design
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Have a chat with people from your local community, you’ll most likely learn about a problem that could be potentially solved with software. For instance, I’ve recently found out that a local library here still does their book catalog manually, they could really benefit from a software that implements this functionality.