I need to find a job

Hey there…My name is Klaudia I am 17 years old and i know how to make websites and applications…I reaally wanna find a job i have plenty free time and i would be so happy if you helped me finding one…I really enjoy working on websites and applications but i didnt had the chance to find a job because i was “young”… Thank you

Getting the first job is difficult, even for older people. At 17 I would expect it to be difficult because in most places you can’t even legally sign a contract at that age. You might be able to pick up some freelance work on places like fiver or upwork.

Dev jobs don’t come because you “need” them - that is irrelevant information. They come because people study hard, build some cool things, get good at interviewing, and finally have a little luck. If you “need” money, I might suggest that a safer bet would be to find some other kind of job while you look for work. It usually takes a lot longer than people assume to get that first job. The second job is much, much easier, but the first job is a nightmare.

Also, it’s not clear “i know how to make websites and applications” means. If you’re talking about having finished the first few certs on FCC, then that may not be enough, not without a lot of luck.

I don’t know if it will help, but I once wrote a doc on my advice on getting the first job.

Thank you so mich…I will try everyhting that you said!

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