I need your advice guys

Hy guys , how you doing , I started learning in freecodecamp few month ago and I am at the flexbox section before I started learning at the freecodecamp I was learning software engenering at university and our university sent the students to their home because of countries problem and after 4month the problem is solved and our university will call the students soon and my friend tells me that he was talking to the head of software engenering department and he says that they will select students from our class and they will teach some programming languages which are flutter ,django and ruby and my friend says we should prepare ourselves in order to be selected and join the group . I feel very disappointed because when I was at univerisity the teachers who was teaching normal class know nothing it is all about theory and we don’t do anything which is practical so when they send us to our home I was happy because I got a chance to learn by my own so what should I do now I Know that the teachers which teach the students who are selected are good and by other side it will be difficult for me to learn both web development part by my own and the stuff which they gonna teach me in the university.

but I also want to tell me what are the prerequistes to learn "flutter "how should I learn It will help me if i join the group.

That link should explain what you need to do to learn flutter. About the study part, I am going to be honest and say it will be really difficult for you to do both. Not that it is impossible, but for you to fully understand it, it is going to take dedication on one thing before moving on. A lot of these languages you are not going to learn everything even in 3 months on your own. Honestly, on your own it could take 6 months or more to learn javascript when you get to it. That all depends on how much time you spend trying to learn it on any given day. My advice would be to pick one, and focus on that.

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thank you ,It makes me to be sure for what I am gonna decide.

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If you want something more steady, I would say - stick it out with university. It’s only a few years. And what seem like ‘boring’ theory classes today, are going to be what make you hirable as a senior software engineer instead of just a software engineer in a few years.

A motivated 10 year old can learn to make fantastic websites. A motivated 10 year old cannot speak at length about the company’s hardware or network requirements, which stacks to use for which projects, and why.

I agree with Cody, too - especially about the timelines. While it is a tremendously valuable skill to be self-motivating and able to self-teach, it cannot replace the value of getting feedback on mistakes and collaborating with others.

tl;dr don’t give up on school because of a couple resources or a bad experience with a professor or two, stick with it. Find a way to ‘code for fun’ outside of your coursework, maybe work on a little website or app in your free time. That’ll make the drudgery of pedantic schoolwork a little less heavy

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thank you for your feedback

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