I need your `Help`

Hello there,
I’m actually a COMPUTER SCIENCE student studying in 2nd Year. But to be honest I dont even know how to solve simple problems (I don’t know how to get the logic) . But when i see source code i feel like ohh its very easy to solve but when i do it by myself after a week or something i don’t get the logic (neither logic nor implementing technique) .
Because of this I’m frustrated from last 4 days . Please help me How can i overcome this problem.

Thank you in advance

Hey @P1xt
Thanks for your reply .
I’m good at maths but i don’t know how to form the logic
Or did i choose the course which isn’t for me??

Thank you so much @P1xt :slight_smile:

Hello, if you want some good resource look at this search results: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=thinking+algorithmically

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