I needHelp to Tribute Page Project

I created a tribute to a movie that I’m a big fan of, but the movie covers were weird. I tried to use flow and flexbox, but with no success.

Could someone help me and tell me where is the error?

I just want the movie covers to line up with the text in an equivalent way. And in a standard size

there are margin-top in your <figure class="movie-cover">...</figure> <p>...</p>
you can change your margin-top in the class movie-cover

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Your solution solved the spacing issue between images, thanks for that.

But is there any command to apply in the “movie-cover” class, which makes all images default size, even on mobile devices?

check out CSS min-width property and CSS min-height Property . these will put a limit to the size the same as max-width did, when you change screen size

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