I never downloaded my course track solutions from freeCodeCamp - how do I go about this now?

I never downloaded my course track solutions from freeCodeCamp - how do I go about this know?

So here is a track of what I have completed so far:
Responsive Web Design Certification

Basic HTML and HTML5 27/28
Basic CSS 44/44
Applied Visual Design 52/52
Applied Accessibilit 22/22
Responsive Web Design Principles 4/4
CSS Flexbox 17/17
CSS Grid 22/22
Responsive Web Design Projets 1/5

Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

Basic Javascript 107/110
ES6 25/31
Regular Expressions 32/33
Debugging 12/12
Basic Data Structures 15/20
Basic Algorithm Scripting 16/16
Object Oriented Programming 26/26
Functional Programming 10/24
Intermediate Algorithm Scripting 0/21
Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures Projects 0/5

Front End Libraries Certification

Bootstrap 31/31
jQuery 18/18
Sass 0/9
React 0/47
Redux 0/17
React and Redux 0/10
Front End Libraries Projects 0/5

Data Visualization Certification

Data Visualization with D3 0/29
JSON APIs and Ajax 0/10
Data Visualization Projects 0/5

APIs and Microservices Certification

Managing Packages with NPM 10/10
Basic Node and Expressions 12/12
MongoDB and Mongoose 12/12
APIs an Microservices Projects 0/5

Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification 0/0 for all courses
Coding Interview Prep 0/0

I had to leave about 6 to 7 months from this and although I do know many of the “ropes” I never donwloaded the solutions, and to my surprise freeCodeCamp does not keep track of this. Some of those exercises took hours of hair pulling to complete.

Advices on how should I proceed?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the old solutions back. You can always go back and try to work through some of the older challenges you have completed, to see how much you retained. In the future, just make sure to download your solution using the Download my solution link seen after completing each challenge.

On a second thought, downloading the answers at the end is just for my own tracking of things right, this would not be needed at all for the certifications?

for the certifications you just need to do the projects, and any submitted project is kept in memory, for JavaScript the whole code, for others the link you submitted is kept in memory

Thanks! Bumped on your Blog, keep the journey rocking! Cheers