I No Longer Hate My Portfolio: New Portfolio Page Needs Feedback

I had a portfolio page I reengineered from one of the first freeCodeCamp examples. I was completely dissatisfied with it and spoke about it here. So I found some HTML Boilerplate code on CodePen and went about customizing it to fit my needs.

What do you think? Any issues? Jankiness, perf, etc. Let me know. I appreciate your feedback.



It looks like you copy and pasted a template and added your information. The challenge of front end development is looking at a website and recreating the website without copying the code. Are you up for the challenge???

I built one from scratch, which I definitely know how to do. But I also just wanted a quick way to showcase my projects. I used HTML boilerplate. I’ve built all the projects on my portfolio from scratch. I don’t think you need to question my abilities.

It looks. Am just trying to get my first portfolio page up, so I could say it looks awesome compared to mine for now!

It looks very nice although it seemed to take a while to load on my system but that maybe just my system as my browser ran out of memory after a couple of minutes.

The only thing and this can totally be a personal nitpick of mine…but the lack of a right-side scroll bar kinda bugs me. What’s funny is I didn’t notice it was missing until I was checking out the responsiveness of the site (which is fantastic btw) via shrinking my browser window down.

Other than that, it’s clean, well polished, and the colors are great. I love the navigation animations. Easy to read and navigate. :+1:

BTW there’s nothing wrong with using a boilerplate, it exists for the exact reason you used it. Which is to speed up production time. Could you have coded this whole thing from scratch? Absolutely, but you know how to do that obviously. It comes down to working smarter not harder and using the tools you have at your disposal. IE: boilerplates and other frameworks.

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As a Mac user I don’t have the scrollbars and have gotten used to that. I was coding for my use case and not most people’s. I’ll add it back. Thanks for the input.

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Oh and thanks for the compliments! I’ve been tweaking it for months now.

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you do a awesome work !!! can i ask you how you make the type writing effect ? it look awesome

so nice !:slight_smile: it is neat and i just clicked on devs reads:)