I passed my tribute test but its not showing complete

I ran the test on my tribute page and got 10/10 passed! How do I get it to show complete?
Can I build my survey form before I move on?

Here is a link to my tribute page: https://codepen.io/amazonqueen/pen/VwpONMv

Congrats :partying_face: on completing the project…
You can submit the url on Project page and move on for next projects.

What do you mean by “get it to show complete”?

Have you submitted the solution and something happened that makes you think it didn’t go through? If so, what was it?

On a related note, I took a quick look at your code. It may be beneficial for you do submit your project to the #project-feedback subforum. There are some things that I noticed that I could give you feedback on that would help you in your coding journey.

Be that as it may, respond to the aforementioned questions.

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