I present my Student Portofolio - Comments welcome

Hi everyone.
Working in my Portfolio as a student. Instead of using placeholder and empty thumbnails, I just played with the divs to place and arrange them.
Thanks in advance for the comments.



I like the design, the alternating color scheme works well imo, it has a very clean look to it.
One thing I might suggest is to consider making the navigation menu a little more specific, so that if you show your profile to a recruiter for instance, they can find what they’re looking for quickly. I wasn’t really sure what each link meant when I clicked it.
Great job with the design, looks really good!

Very nice design. I found one bug - when using navigation buttons a horizontal scrolling bar appears for a second inside navbar, other than that very good

How did you make your “fa fa-free-code-camp” icon appear? all other awersome font icons works for me, but not this one :confused:

Ok, figured it out, i had to add url of the new version of awesome fonts from their website

Thank you very much for your comment. I agree with you that it’s better to show the information clearly.
I am gonna change it… THANKS

In the server (luisaledo.com) it seems to work, probably it has to be with the use of codepen, or even the way codepen adds the css and jscript links.

I really appreciate your comment, i will verify it.

Thank you.

It happened to me also at the beginning, so i searched a solution.
I added the link from:


Thanks for your comment.