I re-did all assignments for Responsive Web Design certification - unable to get certification

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I recently completed all assignments for the Responsive Web Design certification. I then re-did them to improve, using new links and removed the old solutions from my CodePen account. I pasted the new links into the field under each assignment, but when I go to my profile on FCC and click “view solution” on each assignment I get sent to the now non existent solution which I removed (my old solution). How can I fix this and then get the ceritification?

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Are you sure you submitted the new solution links? Often, Campers click the I’ve completed this challenge buttons, but forget to also click the Submit and continue button on the pop-up modal.

Yes, I have done that and done it correctly as of your description. The link in the profile under Responsive Web Design → Show solution does not update. :frowning:

It could be a caching issue on your browser. One way to test this would be to log in with a different browser, or perform a hard refresh on the webpage.

Otherwise, I am unsure why the links would not be updating.

I will try that. FCC does not have an actual support-email or something of the sorts?

Sure, here is the email address: support@freecodecamp.org.

Please remember to provide as much detail as possible - ideally, emailing from the email address associated with your account so the team know which account you own.

Thank you so much for your help. Much appericated!

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one of the details you can add is this:

when you go to submit the project, open first the browser console (you should be able to open it with F12), and then press first the “I’ve completed the challenge” button and then in the modal that appear the “Submit and go to next challenge”. Include if there is any error, and if there is what error

I resolved it! I downloaded another broweser, opened the first assignment, pasted the “new” link, clicked Submit and go to next challenge. Then it worked. Wouldn’t work in chrome. Probably either cookies or my ad-block. Thank you for all the tips!

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