I re-made my portfolio website!

Hey, last year i finished FCC beta and since then i’ve been working with ruby on rails. Now i’ve decided to switch to fullstack javascript again, so i remade my portfolio website. Everything is in Portuguese since i no longer plan on working for American companies.

Here’s the site, any feedback is highly welcome: https://selhar.github.io/

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First off, I like the simplicity of the design! The page looks a little bare, have you considered creating a navigation or logo to add some color and fill up some of the white space?

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Yeah but it didn’t feel right, in the sense that if i add more elements and they break the minimalistic design, i’d probably have to find another layout entirely. And considering i’m most focused on back end jobs, i thought that was a nice way to convey that front end isn’t my focus (since displaying back end projects is difficult through images)

I like the white space, in my opinion it shows good taste and maturity of design. I know many people disagree with me though from asking for an evaluation of my profile page…anywho I really like it.

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I am curious, why the switch to ruby on rails and now back to the spaghetti monster world of Js? I’m really curious…

JS pays extremely well, that’s the only reason tbh.

It pays that much more? Im not sure about ruby but now I’m seeing python top some lists. Eventually I’ll master both. So as someone with more experience than I. If you had 6 months with out responsibilities and were studying 10 hours a day… Where would you put your focus? Would it be FCC? I’m not super keen on the front end either. I like problem solving but I also like creating and startup life style also seems appealing. Where would you put your attention?

Specifically in my country and for remote positions, yes, it pays a lot more. This isn’t a parameter for the rest of the world though.

Depends on your goal. Why do you even want to learn programming? To make a project you have in mind? Then start making the project now, learn along the way, it’s probably gonna suck at first but literally everything you learn will be necessary and important. If the answer is because you want to work as a programmer, then just look at job boards, see who is hiring around your area and which stack pays more, then do projects in that stack during these 6 months, i’m sure you’ll have a good portfolio by the end of it.

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