I really don't know what is wrong here

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function Dog(name, color) {
this.name= 'jim';
let terrier= new Dog("Dwight", "Black");

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Challenge: Extend Constructors to Receive Arguments

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well if you watch your constructor function it has some default values like "jim" and "gold" so it s not flexible at all since all instances will have the same name and color.When you create a new Dog you need to take advantage of arguments you pass so it will reflect in your code. So this.name and this.color need to be changed.

This is the correct code

function Dog(name, color) {
  this.name = name;
  this.color = color;
  this.number = 4;
let terrier = new  Dog("Dwight",  "Black")
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sorry, I will take care of it

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exactly. the initial code has some default values, thereby defeating the purpose of the constructor function