I really like my Tribute Page certification project but It doesn't pass :(

My issue is that I created a really good looking website, but if I redesign to pass all tests it breaks just because of slight layout differences in code. Is there any reason to edit my code to pass it? Or should I just continue the course?

I think I’ve got the idea of what the project was asking for down entirely here:

To clarify, I was using what I was taught from fcc but I went off on my own towards the end outside of the rules without noticing.

It’s completely up to you. If you want to be able to claim the
RWD FCC certification then you need to change it so it passes all of the tests. If you don’t want the official certification then you can leave it as is.

Or perhaps you could clone it and make a second version that passes the FCC tests?

Hi @CuriousFullStacks !

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I ran your code through the curriculum page and it looks like the tests that are failing have to do with typos and misplacement of ids.

For example, you wrote <figcaption id='image-caption'> but the test is looking for img-caption

And then the tribute link should be on the anchor tag instead of the p element.

Lastly, for the image, if you use block and set the max width to what is in the directions, I don’t see a change in the design and it will pass the tests.

You can pass all of the tests and keep your design they way I see it.


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