I really miss the old gitter chatroom

Just a random thought. It was really exciting to be involved in the old gitter chatroom. The conversation was always so vivid and you could always chat about code with someone. The forum looks nice and is nicely structured with awesome features but oftentimes it’s stalled.

FreeCodeCamp now has a Discord:

I checked it out a few weeks ago, but it seems to me that it is not very active…
idk maybe I dropped in at the quiet period, I’ll give it another try.

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As far as I remember, all the challenges used to link to Gitter if you wanted help (I think I’m remembering things right here), so it was always busy, loads of the same questions you now get on the forum (which is where the challenges link to now); that’s the main difference, and why you’re likely to find the Discord a lot quieter than you remember Gitter being

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Yeah, that’s right. Regarding usefulness, it’s far better organized now. At the other hand, gitter chatroom was interesting because there was always a bunch of people with whom you could chat about some coding world in general. I’ve just joined the discord room, it seems ok, although it’s less busy.

Additionally, Gitter has features (such as threaded replies) that make asking for help with code a smoother process - with Discord, such questions can get buried among other conversation.

I can’t speak to the activity level of Gitter as I only recently joined, but the Discord server seems to have a good number of active members. :slight_smile:

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it was like on a bus station back then :laughing: